A wedding’s “emotional strength comes from long continuity – knowing you are repeating the steps of those who preceded you and those who will follow,” explains Judith Martin, “Miss Manners” of The Washington Post. At The Write Touch, we are proud to uphold these social traditions and to help you express your own twist on convention.


Wedding Stationers

Our boutique offers fine wedding invitations to please a wide variety of styles and budgets. Our selection includes the most traditional engraved invitations on hand-laid paper to contemporary digitally printed options. We are here to help you navigate our volumes of unique albums in a relaxed, yet professional and creative environment.


Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you communicate your personal style through your wedding trousseau. We welcome walk-in brides, but appreciate any advance notice to help us prepare for your appointment. During your visit, we will discuss the tone of your special day, essential social graces, and your budget. While listening to your needs, we will help edit your selections until you have found the perfect invitation suite.

  • Selection

    During your initial visit, we will make selecting your invitation an enjoyable and comfortable occasion. Some brides come to this meeting with a specific design in mind, while others enjoy perusing the options and learning more about the printing process.

  • Writing

    Our staff will work with you to communicate every event detail to your guests in a way that is both socially correct and stylistically appropriate for your unique day.

  • Proofing

    After the consultation, we will compile and send your order to your selected stationer. Professional typesetters and graphic designers will then present a rendering of your invitation with every detail specified. 

  • Printing

    Upon your approval, the wedding suite will be sent to press.  Our quality stationers will create an invitation that will last you a lifetime.  

  • Arrival

    When your invitations arrive, we will inspect each piece carefully to ensure the highest quality. We will be as proud of your invitation as you are, and will ensure that we are all pleased with the final product.

Should you request “the honour of your presence” or “the pleasure of your company?” That’s part of our knowledge that we are happy to share. Wedding invitations share a secret language of social etiquette. Beyond the key elements of your invitation, we will guide you to wording that matches the style and formality of your wedding.

“The little things do matter,” says Dorothea Johnson, etiquette expert and founder of the Protocol School of Washington. “When a couple uses the appropriate honorific and writes out an address in the correct way, it shows they’ve put thought into it.” For that reason, we offer guest list management services so that your guests will not be incorrectly titled “Miss” instead of “Ms.” We will gladly answer all of your questions, including ones you had not thought to ask. We also work with talented local calligraphers who offer a variety of exquisite lettering styles for addressing, place cards, custom designs, and more.


Invitations suites typically take three to six weeks to produce, so we recommend starting your selection no later than four months before your wedding.
Engraving is one of the most timeless and elegant printing processes.  A beautiful choice for wedding invitations, engraving features exquisite detail, finely raised lines, and subtle bruising on the back of the paper. It is the best option for printing light colors on dark paper and for gleaming metallic inks.

Letterpress brings age-old craftsmanship to classic and contemporary designs.  It is unique for the deep impression the press leaves in soft papers and for the soft, matte ink transfers.

Foil Stamping like letterpress, leaves a unique indented impression. A heated plate presses the foil and binds it to the paper. This process allows for bright, shiny, metallic colors.

Thermography is a technique that imitates the look of engraving with sheen.  By heating ink with a resinous powder coating, the result is a raised text with a bit of texture.

Offset printing is ideal for large areas of color due to its flat transfer of ink.  The process results in a matte ink with no raised surface. 

Digital printing allows for multiple color designs and photographs without multiple passes through the printer.

Save the Date cards can be mailed from one year to six months before your wedding. We highly recommend Save the Date pieces for destination weddings, holiday weekend weddings, weddings with events over multiple days, and locations with limited guest accommodations.
The current standard is to mail your invitations between eight and six weeks before your wedding day. Any more than eight weeks and your guests may forget to reply. Any less than six weeks and your guests may not have enough time to make arrangements to attend.
Recyclable cotton has become a popular alternative and is available from a number of our most popular stationers.